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London 2012 Olympics video game: 6 gold medals we've already won

Hands-on with Sega's "refined" button masher

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Skeet is Duck Hunt in Greenwich. Previous Sega Olympics games had this shooting event move a reticule along a scripted 'arc', but 2012 gives full control of aiming to the player. One - or sometimes two - clay discs are launched across the horizon and you've got one shot to time to perfection, blasting the target to pieces and earning yourself a satisfying slow-mo replay. This is one of our favourite events.



It's Boom Boom Rocket in erm, Greenwich. To be exact, Trampoline is to be held in the O2, or in the totally-against-brand-promotion world of the Olympics, the 'Greenwich Arena'. If you've ever played the aforementioned Bizarre Creations XBLA effort you'll know exactly what to expect; your athlete bounces up and down and you're tasked with pressing button prompts as he or she reaches various stages of the jump. On-screen animations reflect the timeliness of your presses, and if you bugger them up your man faceplants the O2 floor.



Our final event was the one Britain's actually good at, and it re-introduces that rhythm-demanding golf-o-bar. On the back of your bike, button pressing will help you cycle around the circular track, colliding with competitors and aiming to take advantage of the slipstream of the rider in front of you. The added twist is the addition of a stamina bar, which when depleted drastically softens the effectiveness of your button presses.

Holding down the A button has your rider 'cruise' and regain strength, so strategic use of button presses is essential to get ahead. We didn't play long enough to work out exactly how much depth is on offer in Kerin, but out of the six it promises to be the most fun in multiplayer.

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