Hybrid beta will happen 'by the end of the month'

So promises 5th Cell. Do you believe them?

The beta for 5th Cell's Hybrid was supposed to start in March. We're days away from April and it's a no-show.


But it is coming, assures the developer, who has told Joystiq that the beta test will go live 'by the end of the month' - which gives them a full four days to pull their fingers out.

5th Cell also confirmed the price for the final game - 1200 MS Points ($15, £10). But a release date? Now you're asking too much.

The Xbox Live Arcade-exclusive shooter is the Scribblenauts developer's first 3D game, which re-emerged with a new trailer and gameplay info in January after a year in hiding.

The game was revealed early last year but was pushed way back into 2012 for what appeared to be a complete overhaul.

The extra development time has resulted in some significant changes, including a new look with redesigned characters, new controls and gameplay mechanics and persistent online 'world war' that player leap in and out of.

[ SOURCE: Joystiq ]