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Nintendo to release all games digitally alongside retail

Wii U titles to release digitally on day one

Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata has announced Nintendo's plans to enter the world of digital retail.


The company doesn't plan to cease selling games the traditional way, but it has decided to have digital retail for major releases accompany traditional sales.

Iwata said of August 3DS release New Super Mario Bros. 2: "In principle, starting from this software, the company will offer the software titles that Nintendo itself publishes in both packaged and digital download formats so that our consumers can choose the way to purchase them.

"Since the packaged and the digital download formats both have their own merits, we would like to offer both of these options to our consumers.

"For the Wii U, we will start the digital download sales of packaged software that I just discussed, so our consumers can choose either the packaged version or the digital download version of the same software from day one of the Wii U's launch."

Nintendo has said the digital downloads will go on sale in retail stores, as well as online. It's been suggested these may take the form of coded cards similar to Xbox Live Gold registration cards.

Interestingly, while Nintendo will be setting the price for games sold in its digital library, retailers will set the price for their own digital downloads. This could potentially see retailers discounting Nintendo's digital prices.

Iwata has said that the Wii U will launch with the service, but whether or not it would be a worldwide launch has yet to be confirmed.

Will digital downloads help Nintendo come back from their first annual loss in 30 years? Would you buy digitally, or do you prefer a tangible product? Let us know in the comment section below.

[ SOURCE: Rocket Chainsaw ]