Wii U toy functionality leaked in Rayman Legends trailer

Video shows off Skylanders-style scanning

A leaked Rayman Legends video has appeared online confirming Ubisoft is working on a sequel to the critically-acclaimed Rayman Origins, and also showing off new Wii U functionality.

Earlier this week an Ubisoft survey hinted at the sequel. The company later registered Rayman Legends domains.

Alongside some new gorgeous-looking platforming gameplay the video also shows toys being placed onto the Wii U controller in the style of Activision's Skylanders, which then transport new characters into the game.


In January Nintendo confirmed new NFC technology for the Wii U controller, but this is the first time we've seen it in action.

NFC allows the system to read and write data wirelessly, much like the way Activision's Skylanders action figures interact with the 'Portal of Power' reading device. Now we've seen it in action.

Nintendo gamer explains in its latest Wii U feature: "NFC has essentially superseded QR codes as a method of data transferral, with the obvious benefit that RFID chips contain much more info.

"With Wii U supporting multiple controllers, NFC should allow you to transfer and carry around save data on your pad, and could easily be extended to allow the trading of Pokémon or Smash Bros trophies.

"Swapping players in FIFA and Madden would be a doddle, and would certainly explain EA CEO Peter Moore's comments that 'we'll be able to differentiate ourselves from the competition more easily with our sports line-up.'"

This is how Nintendo will take over the world, again: