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CVG: Comments of the Week

"I know this is weird, but: FAP, FAP, FAP"

Alright guys and girls, we all know why we're here so let's cut to the chase: comments...of the week.

This week's been interesting, we've had confirmation that the new Call of Duty will be shown in just a few days, Crysis 3 got its debut trailer, Apple revealed its still making enough money to make everyone on earth a coat out of dollar bills, and there was plenty more too.

As always you've been at hand to offer your two cents, we've collected up the shiniest of that loose change and stuck it into a list below.

Here's this week's best comments:

Official: New Call of Duty to premiere May 1

There's no denying that any reveal of any new COD Game is a huge thing for this industry, I wonder how the tone of this thread will go though ?

Luckily you were able to get in there early with a well-reasoned comment StonecoldMC

Crysis 3 gets stunning debut gameplay trailer

I know this is weird, but:

Control yourself JCHN

Apple reports more ridiculous profits

I love how anyone who buys anyting remotely connected to Apple is a sheep. It has nothing to do with them actually liking Apple products. Oh no. It is all about them wanting to be like everyone else. Its like no one can ever like Apple, yoy just buy them to fit in. Its bizarre frankly.

It amuses me no end that people flock from across the entire internet just to find Apple threads on forums to make it abundently clear they think it is all ridiculous. If people who didn't like Apple spent less time obsessing over people who do then they might actually find a bit of time to do something else with their lives. Its like the catholic church, republicans and gays.

I have to admire Apple. They are the epitome of a successful company. If you owned a tech company (or any company for that matter) you would be doing everything in your power to work out how they get it so right time after time after time(and they do get it right, they are one of, if not the most profitable company in the world, only a fool would argue otherwise).

Well said gayrath, we've got Apple products in abundance in this office and won't apologise for that. Apple makes excellent quality, useful devices. End of.

Resident Evil creator's new survival horror is called 'Zwei'

Fantastic! I just finished Shadows of the Damned and even if it's owing more to Suda 51, you can still feel the Mikami Touch all around. Terrific game; Mikami leaving Platinum Games is a real blow for the studio.
Even sadder is that this will be his last game as director. Pass us a tissue Stan_Goodspeed

Microsoft introducing more TV-like ads on Xbox Live

They'd better start reducing the cost of LIVE with all these adverts currently on the service, with more on the way - it's a joke.

If they start getting less game related (LYNX??!) then I'm going to have to consider switching back to my PS3 for online shenanigans.

While we'd like to see this happen too Currychips it's highly unlikely, especially when subscription numbers are so high.

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