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6 games that would actually be better with Kinect

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Fable: The Journey


We're confused about The Journey. We've received mixed signals as to what you're actually able to do in Peter Molyneux's latest - and likely last - Fable game. Is it an on rails Kinect game where you ride across Albion slashing people from atop your stagecoach or is it a 'free roam' adventure where you're able to explore off the beaten path without the restriction of your cumbersome controller?

We've got our hearts set on the second if we're honest, and we're hoping Lionhead will be able to avoid the kind of awkward and frustrating movement that plagued Rise of Nightmares. We a want adventure in which we can travel the land with sword in one hand and magic in the other without having to worry if Kinect still knows you're in the room.

Subtlety of movement is everything, slashing a blade and casting spells is easily acted out in front of your TV screen, but it's how you traverse the landscape that really matters. We'd love to see The Journey take the initial ideas that Kinect Star Wars tried and improve upon them. Albion is a beautiful place, we don't want it ruined by the inability to turn around or move forward properly.

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