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6 games that would actually be better with Kinect

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Civilization Revolution is arguably the best RTS game ever on consoles. It had everything from the incredible depth you'd expect from the Civ franchise to a great control scheme that worked fantastically without the traditional mouse and keyboard.

When - or if - the next Civilization game comes to Xbox, we'd love to see Kinect implemented using both motion and voice recognition in a way that makes controlling your populace completely fluid.

Mass Effect 3 proved how effortless a few well-implemented voice commands can make gameplay, so we know it can be done. Previously invasive actions like reloading, changing weapons or ordering teammates around the battlefield became instant and unobtrusive. The same could be the case for selecting units and navigating UI.

In our heads we're imagining being able to assign different units with various quick commands to keep track of them as they move around the world. Being able to control your empire at the quick mutter of a few authoritative orders is something we reckon most RTS players would adore.

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