6 games that would actually be better with Kinect

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Mirrors Edge 2


The first person platforming sequel that we're all waiting for, we reckon Mirrors Edge 2 would be a fantastic, albeit tricky, addition to Kinect's roster. To be honest, we're not sure exactly sure how anyone would be able to play this kind of game on Kinect - you'd need a huge living room without carpets - but for some reason we've got it in our heads that a Kinect functionality would work. Or maybe we're just so desperate to see a sequel and the only way we see it happening is if motion control was tacked on.

Anyways, hopping over ledges, sliding under low hanging pipes and vaulting off buildings are all well and good but it'd be a mega achievement for any developer to make all those movements feel real and convey the same exhilarating display you're treated to on screen.

Therein lies the biggest challenge to any developer deciding to include Kinect in their to-do list. How do you make the player feel involved when they're holding weightless guns, jumping under and over invisible obstacles and stabbing enemies that aren't there in the living room with you? Bring on augmented reality helmets, we say.

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