Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 title, date outed by retailer

Pre-order cards seemingly ruin Activision's big reveal

This looks like confirmation then. 'Call of Duty: Black Ops 2' will be the title of the next CoD game, and it'll be out on November 13.


Pre-order cards spotted at major US retailer Target appear to confirm the release date and title for Activision's 2012 Call of Duty game.

The picture to the right was sent into IGN today, showing the cards wrapped and seemingly ready to go ahead of Activision's premiere event set for May 1, at which the publisher will finally reveal all.

It would seem strange for a retailer to go to the length of printing out cards like these for national distribution unless it were pretty sure of the title and date printed on them, although a notice on the cards warns, "Game release date subject to change".

The title 'Black Ops 2' has been long-rumoured via a range of sources in recent months, and the November 13 release date was tipped earlier this week by supposedly leaked retailer merchandising.

A near-future setting for the game has also been hinted by an official viral video and supposed leaked in-game screenshots.