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God of War Ascension first details: 'Epic' multiplayer confirmed

"We want to bring the big moments to multiplayer," says Sony

As expected Sony's released the first God of War: Ascension details, with a live web stream due to happen later this afternoon.


Developed by Sony Santa Monica and with no confirmed release date, Ascension expands the God of War series into multiplayer gaming, USA Today has confirmed.

Playable by up to eight players, the game's multiplayer mode has two teams competing against each other to defeat a large God of War-worthy boss for victory.

Multiplayer kicks off with players creating their own Spartan warrior, with the choice to worship one of four gods; Zeus, Poseidon, Hades or Aries. Each god grants specific special abilities, weapons and armour, and as you battle you gain experience points to grant more abilities for your warrior.

Each player is equipped with Kratos' trademark Blades of Chaos, though various different swords, hammers and spears become available through levelling up.

The level shown to US press featured the 'Domination' game mode, with two teams of four battling a large cyclops to gain access to the Spear of Olympus, with the camera zooming to individual "visceral battles," says USA Today.

"In one, two warriors who look like cousins of Kratos disembowel an enemy and his innards flow out. Later, one combatant cleaves an opponent in half from head to thorax," it adds. Ouch.

"Eventually, the dominating team turns their attention to the Cyclops, attach some chains to restrain it and one leaps to put out its eye. 'The whole idea behind it is that we want to bring the big moments to multiplayer,' game director Todd Papy said after the demonstration."

Between five and seven different multiplayer maps will be included in the final game, along with several different modes. And before you ask, no... Kratos is not playable. Hit the link for the first God of War: Ascension screenshots.

No firm single-player details have been released, though Sony promises "a revamped combat system".