Cave Story+ hits 3DS eShop 'in a month or so'

Won't be free to DSiWare owners, sadly

If you're having trouble keeping up with how many versions of Cave Story there are, you'll have another to add to the confusion within a few weeks.


Cave Story+ is coming to the 3DS eShop. Let's explain this one. So it's NOT the full 3D remake you can buy for 3DS at retail. It's the 2D one with 3D depth effects.

Yes you can already download the 2D version of the game on the 3DS, but that's a DSiWare game (natively made for DSi, not 3DS), which just looks and sounds a bit rubbish on 3DS thanks to its poor emulation. And that's something that Tyrone Rodriguez,CEO of Nicalis, wasn't prepared to stand for.

"To be totally honest, the update is entirely for selfish reasons. I don't like playing DSiWare games on the 3DS, and I especially don't like playing Cave Story DSiWare on my 3DS. Instead of being 16x16 pixels, the main character becomes 20x20 and the entire game is a bit blurry. Daisuke made some beautiful pixel art and I want to play it the right way. In a month or so, you'll see what I mean," he revealed to Destructoid.

Rodriguez did, however, break the bad news that if you already own the DSiWare game you won't be able to get the 3DS update for free - it's a separate game that you'll have to purchase.

He also confirmed that while it retains the original assets and music from the 2D original, it will have the new levels included in the Steam version of the game. Sweet.

In case you missed it, Cave Story is a wicked indie title previously released for WiiWare, Steam, DSiWare and various platforms, and you should fully play it. Fact.

[ SOURCE: Destructoid ]