Black Ops 2 announcement tonight: Here's everything we know...

Release date, logo and multiplayer 'details' leak

The first Black Ops 2 trailer will be aired on US television tonight.


But as it's already the worst-kept secret since erm, the last Call of Duty reveal, we already know a fair bit about Black Ops 2.

[UPDATE: It's official. Click for the first Black Ops 2 details.]

The Treyarch sequel hasn't been announced yet, but Activision's trademarked enough associated bits that it's obvious. Indeed, in mid February 2012 Amazon France put up (and quickly pulled) a page naming the game, and then Activision blacklisted websites who ran with the story before denying it would ever blacklist journalists.

Just in case you're super stubborn, and need further evidence this year's Call of Duty game will be 'Black Ops 2', Activision itself is now spelling it out for you. In Morse Code.

It's likely Black Ops 2 is the Call of Duty 9 game that Bobby Kotick announced to investors as having a 2012 release. If so, then we can safely predict a release date in early November 2012, where it'll find itself up against a revived Medal of Honor game. Leaks have since pointed to November 13 as the Black Ops release date.

We can also predict that, given Treyarch has finally been allowed to up its team size to make Black Ops, the sequel will also attempt to match the quality of the Infinity Ward products.


What can we say about the plot and setting? Treyarch has indicated it's likely to carry on the plot - which seemed to indicate (spoiler!) that Mason had assassinated JFK and Castro. Also, sound designer Collin Ayers has hinted on Twitter that the Zombies mode will be returning. Beyond that, we know very little.

Supposed Black Ops 2 in-engine screenshots appeared online last week, via the special effects firm that helped create the earlier Quadrotor viral video. The tech on show in the media looks reasonably hi-tech, which along with a Russian presenter's comment that said gadgets won't exist for 10 years, suggests a possible future setting for Black Ops 2.

Finally, Activision attempted to delete a long list of potential Black Ops 2 multiplayer details from the CoD forums back in March, and further unverified multiplayer details emerged last week.

The truth comes out tonight US time or early morning UK. Stay tuned.