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WiiWare: 'Window for success passed in 2009' - Nicalis

"WiiWare sales almost non-existent," says digi publisher

Nintendo's WiiWare digital games platform has declined to the point of "almost non-existent" sales.


That's according to publisher Nicalis, who were one of the most famed WiiWare developers for bringing the excellent PC indie game Cave Story to the platform.

But Nicalis' Tyrone Rodriguez has told Go-Nintendo that it has cancelled plans to publish developer NIGORO's adventure game, La-Mulana, in US and EU because 'the window for release and success' on the platform has long passed and "players have moved onto other digital download platforms".

"The decision to cancel publishing of La-Mulana was a tough call, but waiting two years for NIGORO to finish development has made it near impossible to sell sufficient units on Wii," Rodriguez told the site. "The WiiWare market has a fraction of the players from 2008. The window for release and success of software on the platform ended in 2009 and took a very steep decline. Players have moved onto other digital download platforms."

"With the Wii U in the not too distant future and WiiWare sales almost non-existent, I had to make a call today. I wish them the best. They're good game developers and good guys," he added.

On a happier note, Nicalis yesterday confirmed it's bring Cave Story+ - an enhanced version of the original 2D game - to the 3DS eShop, which will be far better optimised for 3DS than the DSiWare version currently available on the eShop (meaning it'll have stereoscopic effects, too!).