Black Ops 2 trailer - a closer look

Screenshots and details extracted from the reveal trailer

The Black Ops 2 trailer has just gone live and, with plenty of in-game footage, there are plenty of details to be extracted from it ahead of the full-blown previews set to arrive in the morning.


First off, Black Ops big man Sgt. Frank Woods is back, and setting the scene for the game's plot with some intense narration.

It's June 19, 2025 - that's your setting year then. It's a not-too-unfamiliar age when America's military might has been bolstered by armies of unmanned machines - drones of many different kinds.

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"But what happens when the enemy steals the keys?" asks Woods. Clearly, the US has found itself under siege by its own technology - the controls for which have been hijacked by the enemy - a Middle-Eastern foe as indicated by the shot with the guys thrusting their fists in the air in seeming delight.

You get a brief glimpse of gameplay controlling one such drone, so it seems you'll get ample chance to take command of the tech you're trying to save America from.

You'll also take control of a fighter jet by the looks of it, engaging aerial targets in a dogfight above the city skyscrapers. Epic.

A shot showing a detailed 3D radar on a futuristic display attached to the arm of a soldier suggests your radar could see a technological upgrade in the next CoD - something that could prove interesting if deployed in multiplayer. X-ray vision with the ability to see hostiles through walls could be equally as, if not more, crucial.

Much of the trailer is in urban environments, although most curiously the trailer reveals a gameplay segment with the player on horseback galloping through a desert, with accompanying allies and helicopters overhead.

From there on it's typical Call of Duty bravado, with explosions, gunfire, collapsing buildings and all-round destruction and carnage.

"The future is black," it proclaims before confirming the November 13 date. Below is a bunch of screenshots from the trailer showing some of the more important glimpses of gameplay.

So, no sign of zombies yet, but who's pumped?

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