Microsoft secures patent for muscle based controller

Is this the next step for controller-free gaming?

Microsoft has been granted a patent for Electromyography (EMG) technology which allows users to interact with devices such as a smartphones, music players and game consoles entirely through muscle movements.


Images uncovered by Engadget suggest Microsoft is planning to adapt the technology to create a "Wearable Electromyography-Based Controller" in the form of an armband, or by directly applying sensor nodes to the user's head, arms, chest or legs.

The idea was first explored two years ago when the platform holder began looking into a user interface system that employs EMG muscle sensors. A video released by Microsoft Research showed how the technology could be applied to gaming using Guitar Hero.

Have a look:

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It would be interesting to see this work alongside Kinect, perhaps as part of the Xbox 720. We might be waiting a while to see if that happens though - in March Microsoft said it will not be showing the next-gen Xbox at this year's E3.