Gravity Rush concept video shows off artistic vision

Art director discusses its "Bande Dessinee" influenced art

Gravity Rush is shaping up to be one of the Vita's most anticipated original games this year and it looks stunning, too.


According to art director Yoshiaki Yamaguchi, the game owes its art style to "the theme of Bande Dessinee (BD), a popular Franco-Belgian comic book art style".

"We first approached an element of BD we thought would fit well into the pre-existing game art. One of the differences between realistic expression and schematic expression represented by BD is that BD exaggerates the information that author wants to convey to the audience. By doing so, it conveys more of the accurate information that the author wants to be recognized," he explained.

"While considering the gravity mechanic in the game, we brainstormed with these elements in mind. If a player can move around freely, the level should not only be big horizontally, but also vertically. Therefore, we designed the city with multiple levels of layers and structures.

"Additionally, the line drawing method was used to exaggerate buildings and allow them to be more easily recognized. We also enhanced the color of the sky in order to give additional sensory information to the players," said Yamaguchi.

Below is a concept video created during the early stages of Gravity Rush's development. The game's out in US on June 12, and UK on June 13.

[ SOURCE: US PS Blog ]