Inside Xbox discontinued in US, Canada Australia

Microsoft seeking to "invest our resources and talents wisely"

Microsoft has announced it's to discontinue the production of its Inside Xbox video content in US that's streamed to Xbox 360 consoles.

275631The closure will affect shows like Major's Minute, Featured Videos and Insider Moves packaged under the Inside Xbox brand.

For now, the announcement only applies to the American video production, which affects US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Regarding other regions Microsoft said: "Xbox LIVE in EMEA is currently looking at its operating model for Inside Xbox. This could potentially result in some changes, but we have no news here to share yet. Xbox LIVE in Mexico and Japan will continue to produce first-party content for its members via other media outside of the Inside Xbox brand."

Video content will in future come from outside sources, add MS. "We will be leveraging third-party news and video content available through a variety of existing and future partners, and supplementing this content with select first-party offerings," it said.

It's not great news, but unsurprising considering the latest dashboard system hid it away so deeply it was pretty much impossible to stumble upon.