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PlayStation's 'Urban Trials': Does this look like a familiar Xbox game to you?

Polish dev takes more than a little inspiration...

Xbox Live Arcade hit Trials Evolution is basically coming out on PlayStation Vita via copy-cat game Urban Trials.


Handled by Polish developer Tate Interactive, Urban Trials is - you guessed it - a physics-based motocross game which has you manoeuvring a bike around an obstacle-filled 2.5D environment. It also looks near-identical to the XBLA title.

It's planned for release on PlayStation Vita early this year, unless Trials developer RedLynx gets the lawyers in and we all miss out.

20 levels and three bike types are promised in Urban Trials, and "advanced physics" to guarantee your rider faceplants in a realistic fashion.

It looks like a massive copy but let's be honest, if it turns out to be anywhere near as good as the Xbox Live Arcade game, we'll all be delighted.

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