Creative Assembly's Alien game coming to 'future generation consoles'

As well as current ones, according to a job advert for a multiplayer programmer

With Aliens: Colonial Marines finally getting new coverage as it gears up for release this autumn after what feels like forever, it would be easy to forget that Total War studio The Creative Assembly is making a new Alien game, and one that it hopes will be a "peer to Dead Space 2" no less.


We haven't heard anything about it since its announcement last year, but we now know that publisher Sega's more than likely to release it on Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4, or whatever Microsoft's and Sony's next generation consoles are called, as well as current platforms.

A job ad spotted by Gamerzines reveals Creative Assembly is on the lookout for a multiplayer/gameplay programmer, with the successful applicant set to work on "a AAA multi-platform title on current and future generation consoles set in the Alien universe". Exciting times.

And who's looking forward to Prometheus?!

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