Anarchy Reigns: Multiplayer heaven - now with added witches

Platinum Games' online brawler makes a sexy signing

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Ding, ding, ding! Hearing that the well-rounded, lollipop-sucking Bayonetta is making a guest appearance in Anarchy Reigns is like simultaneously hitting all the jackpots in Vegas. Available as a pre-order bonus, the sexy Umbra Witch looks right at home thrusting her gun-capped heels into the faces of anyone that isn't her.

The infamous wicked weave attacks are also present and correct - we've seen her creating a makeshift guillotine out of those versatile strands, as well as using her barnet for a spot of pole dancing. Yes.

Encouragingly, Anarchy Reigns looks every bit as ridiculous as everything else that's emerged from the vaults of Platinum Games, with absurdly flamboyant action and some outrageous combos. Those expecting a campaign will be left disappointed however - Anarchy Reigns is online only, but features plenty of multiplayer modes to sate your button-mashing lust, and is all about dispatching your enemies in the most extravagant fashion possible.


Other cameos include a host of characters from Platinum Games' 2009 Wii title, Madworld, and we wish we cared. Our eyes belong to the first lady of the action genre, and we can't wait to kick all kinds of ass with the bespectacled wonder once again.

You know what would make us even happier, though? Confirmation of a Bayonetta sequel, that's what. C'mon Sega. Pretty please.