Jaffe: 'God of War Ascension isn't watered down by multiplayer'

Series creator gives Sony's prequel the thumbs up

Outspoken God of War creator David Jaffe has offered his opinions on God of War: Ascension, the new prequel being developed by Sony's Santa Monica Studio, and he's impressed.


Speaking to IGN Jaffe responded to concerns surrounding newly revealed with a showing of support.

"I think it looks cool," he said. "It looks like another great, impeccably executed Sony Santa Monica game."

"I think that anger is well deserved for people who have felt that way for certain games, but I think so far -- you know what I was Tweeting about was -- Sony Santa Monica, and certainly that team, really hasn't done anything ever to let people down as game developers."

Jaffe admitted that although concerns about the effect multiplayer could have on the traditionally single player experience, he hasn't seen anything that worries him so far.

"If it turns out to be the case that the single player is watered down because of it, then I think they have some justification. But I don't see any evidence of that, and I don't see evidence of that based on the team they are."

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