Star Wars: The Old Republic loses 400,000 subscribers

EA says MMO's performance "is in line with Madden" despite the loss of "casual" players

Confirming analyst reports, EA has said that BioWare MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic currently has around 1.3 million subscribers, down significantly from 1.7 million in February.


Speaking during an earnings call, EA chief financial officer Ken Barker said (via Gamasutra): "The substantial portion of the decrease [for The Old Republic] was due to lower numbers of trial players, upping the percentage of paying subscribers."

"Some of those casual customers have gone through a billing cycle and have decided not to subscribe to the game," added EA Labels president Frank Gibeau.

EA CEO John Riccitiello also said: "Its performance right now is in line with Madden, or The Sims, but it's more important than Tiger Woods PGA Tour."

Ahead of the game's December 2011 launch, EA said The Old Republic would turn a profit if it managed to attract 500,000 subscribers.

BioWare released The Old Republic's Legacy' 1.2 update last month. See what it introduced in the video below:

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