FIFA 13 gets first screens, details on Impact Engine, dribbling, First Touch Control

Get eyes on this year's FIFA and find out what's new inside

Screenshots of FIFA 13 have appeared online along with details on First Touch Control, Player Impact, Complete Dribble, Tactical Free-Kicks and Attacking AI.


Dark Side of Gaming reports FIFA 13 will be attempting to provide more realistic ball control by factoring in the strength, speed and technical skill of players as well as minutia such ball height.

The site also mentions assurances from David Rutter that the dev team has a firm grip on the unpredictable Impact Engine, so there won't be any unrealistic animations and collisions this year. Apparently the engine has received some optimisation and plenty of new impact values for the the hip and the upper body.

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Dribbling will require more than just changing direction in FIFA 13 and free kicks have been tweaked too. Up to three players can now gather around the ball, feints and last minute adjustments to shots have also been added.

Finally, defensive set-pieces have undergone improvement, as has the offensive AI, which is now better at running routes and predicting pass options.

Last week EA said it has adopted new Dimensional Imaging software to make players look more realistic in FIFA 13. See for yourself in the screens below, and head over to DSO for the full set.