Rock Band: Led Zeppelin might actually be happening

UPDATE: Harmonix debunks rumours

Ever since the common man was empowered to play sweet ass music using plastic instruments there have been calls for a Led Zeppelin themed game.

UPDATE: Harmonix has responded to rumours of a Led Zeppelin themed Rock Band: "As we've noted before, we're constantly in talks with all major artists and labels. That said, Harmonix has never been in development on a Led Zeppelin game, though we'd obviously be thrilled to have them in Rock Band."


While Rock Band dev Harmonix has given Green Day and The Beatles their own titles, the legendary English rock band has been left without. That might change though.

Trademark slueth and CV crawler Superannuation has spotted Rock Band: Led Zeppelin on the résumé of one Fiona DeSouza, a film editor that claims to have worked on Rock Band: Led Zeppelin in a freelance capacity for Passion Pictures, the studio that worked on the stunning animated movies in The Beatles: Rock Band.

There's nothing else mentioned about the game and a time frame for when the work was produced hasn't been provided either, so the status of the project is a mystery for now, but we've got our fingers crossed.

Meanwhile, Harmonix has revealed Rock Band Blitz, Frequency and Amplitude-esque game for XBLA and PSN. It's also hiring for a "brand new IP" for next-generation consoles.

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