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All Starhawk map packs will be free

LightBox Interactive apparently hates player fragmentation

LightBox Interactive has announced that all DLC map packs released in future for its space multiplayer shooter, Starhawk, will be free.


"Whenever we release a map pack you won't have to pay a friggin' dime," confirmed an excited Dylan Jobe, studio president.

"Madness!", you may think, but there's a reason behind it. "We really didn't like how in Warhawk when we released a new map pack, it forced these divisions on our players," explained Jobe. "And after we released three expansions, our player community was pretty fractured."

Jobe went on to release the pictured teaser image for its next map pack, showing the gloomy planet Cypress. "A lush, swampy world that's home to an abandoned research facility that many years ago was responsible for researching the mysteries of Rift Energy," said Jobe.

Starhawk was released today alongside a launch trailer.

[ SOURCE: US PS Blog ]