New 'Kinect Play Fit' feature will track your gaming fitness - report

Dashboard update to record all exercise done playing Kinect games, says rumour

According to a new rumour, Microsoft is working on a new dashboard update that will add a feature to track how much exersise you're getting from all your Kinect gaming.


Named 'Kinect Play Fit', the built-in dashboard feature will apparently allow you to track your exercise across ALL Kinect games.

Microsoft will reportedly also release an accompanying heart rate monitor peripheral called 'Joule', that will wirelessly track your heart rate during play, enhancing the exercise readings you get from Kinect Play Fit.

The Joule device is said to be compatible with "most" Kinect games and will be an optional feature, not an absolute requirement of Kinect Play Fit.

The rumour comes via The Verge, who's 'sources familiar with Microsoft's plans' recently outed the $99 Xbox 360 hardware contract deal that just went on sale in US.

More news on this is expected at E3.

[ SOURCE: The Verge ]