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Dead Space 3 rumours: Drop in co-op, crouch cover, new enemies

Rumblings suggest new modes and gameplay features

Dead Space 3 will introduce a drop-in, drop-out co-operative gameplay mode to the series for the first time, if rumours are to be believed.


According to an IGN source, Visceral Games' third numbered entry in the series will let a second survivor team up with mentally unstable protagonist Isaac Clarke to battle enemies, explore and solve puzzles.

The second character is described as "a man with a gnarly scar on his face" and is equipped with the engineering RIG that has helped Clarke survive the madness of the first two games. Oddly, the unnamed character is described as having "glowing red eyes" - perhaps he's the previously rumoured Shadow Isaac.

Isaac's story will supposedly change to accommodate the second player. For example, certain traumatic events won't occur with another player present. In terms of gameplay the duo will be able to share ammo, heal each other and use powers such as telekinesis.

The source also dropped some additional info on other changes EA might be making in the third game. Alternative fire on weapons has reportedly been tweaked, with the Plasma Cutter now firing a push-back wave instead of a vertical shot and the Pulse Rifle chucking out saw-blades.

Isaac's RIG is closer to the svelte design used in Dead Space 2, which allows him to crouch and take cover behind smaller objects. He can also dive roll, which could have huge implications for the pacing and feel of the gameplay. Telekinesis abilities have been expanded to enable the manipulation of objects.

Finally, enemies will also include humans this time round. As well as Necromorphs and who knows what kind of other nasties, Isaac will have to take on heavily armoured soldiers.

EA confirmed a new Dead Space game yesterday. It is believed the game will take place on a snowy planet called Tau Volantis.

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