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BioShock Infinite delay clears the path for October GTA 5 release - Pachter

Mark October 23 on your calendar, analyst says

BioShock Infinite may have been delayed from October to February 2013 in order to clear the path for Grand Theft Auto 5's release later this year.


Asked if that could be the case, industry analyst Michael Pachter told us: "If (and that is a BIG 'if") there is any coordination within Take-Two among Rockstar and 2K Games, it makes a lot of sense that management would have shifted BioShock Infinite to make room for GTA V.

"It's entirely possible that the Rockstar team just committed to delivering GTA V on October 23 (write that in ink on your calendar), and Take-Two management thought it imprudent to launch their two biggest games of the year a week apart. I'm sure Irrational will make judicious use of the extra time, if the foregoing scenario is true."

Pachter continued: "It's also entirely possible that Ken Levine and Irrational have truly decided to make the greatest game ever, and it will merely take another four months to finish ;-)"

In a note sent to investors, he later said: "We believe that October is the preferred release month for GTA V's developer, Rockstar Games, as the studio has scheduled every prior GTA releases during that month (with GTA IV delayed to April 2008, due to bugs in the PS3 version).

"We expect an update on GTA V release timing as early as May 22, when the company provides its Q4:12 results, or by E3, scheduled for June 5 - 7 in Los Angeles."

Pachter also said last month that he expects Rockstar to steal thunder from E3 by having a GTA 5 blowout the day before the event begins on June 5. He also predicted an October 23 launch date for the game.

If the analyst's correct, the news will be a big kick in the teeth for EA and Medal of Honor: Warfighter, which is set for release on October 23. Launching three weeks ahead of Black Ops 2's arrival on November 13 gave EA's game its best chance to grab market share, but hitting stores on the same day as GTA 5 could be considered a nightmare scenario.

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