10 most cynically milked franchises

If at first you succeed, churn them out until long after everyone is sick of it...

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Street Fighter


Yes, Kylie Minogue played Cammy in the 1994 film based on Capcom's beat-em-up. But even that can't excuse the bewildering number of games with Street Fighter in the title which have been churned out since the original arrived in 1987. If ever there was a franchise that ate itself, it's Street Fighter. Take Street Fighter II, for example. You'd think that would be one game, but it is in fact at least five games: Street Fighter II being augmented by SFII - Champion Edition, SFII - Hyper Fighting, Super Street Fighter II and Super Street Fighter II Turbo.

Admittedly, some of those variants never made it out of the arcades, but it set the tone for years to come. If you know how many variants of Street Fighter Alpha, Street Fighter EX, Street Fighter III, Street Fighter IV, Street Fighter X Tekken, Tekken X Street Fighter, Marvel Vs Capcom and so on came out, please don't let us know. We literally find it impossible to distinguish between any of them.

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