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Play Wolfenstein 3D free to celebrate its 20th anniversary

id Software's classic now free on iOS

Time to put your rose-tinted glasses on: Wolfenstein 3D is free today to celebrate the classic FPS's 20th anniversary.


First released in 1992 and widely accepted as the mother of first person shooters, Wolfenstein 3D is playable right now in your web browser thanks to Bethesda, which bought developers iD Software in 2009.

If playing the (sometimes clunky) browser based version isn't enough, the platinum version of the game is available free today on both iPad and iPhone. Be quick though, as we're not sure how long the freebie will last.

You can watch iD Software figurehead John Carmack play the game in a special commemorative podcast as well, an absolute must see for iD fans and game history aficionados in general.

How does Wolfenstein 3D hold up in 2012? Let us know your thoughts below.