Dust 514: Kill PC gamers in PSN's free online sci-fi war

CCP curb their natural instincts...

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Dust 514 is a PS3 exclusive first-person shooter with a twist - not only is it a free PSN download, but you can get nuked from on high by PC gamers playing EVE Online. In a first for videogames, players on different formats can directly 'interact', via the subtle and hitherto untapped medium of - oh, wait, wrong press release - killing each other. Confused? Time for a lesson in Dust 514.

The game is set within the persistent online universe of PC exclusive MMO, EVE Online. This is a big deal - EVE has hundreds of thousands of players, it has its own alliances, star systems, corporations, CEOs... heck they've even got virtual crime (one instance saw a heist where approximately $16,000 of real cash was swiped).

Instead of zooming through star systems in spacecraft, like in EVE on PC, you'll take part in planet-based shooting missions, joining existing alliances, and directly affecting events in EVE Online. PC gamers can dole out missions (don't worry - the AI also generates them if no-one's around) or, if they fancy it, laser you into flesh soup with an orbital strike from space.



On the flip side, if your clan levels up high enough, you can construct an anti-orbital device capable of knocking PC spacecraft out of orbit. Dust 514 offers terrifying scope for weapon and class upgrades. Devs CCP claim it'll take up to seven years to max out your stats.

To be clear, this is no MMO - it's a fast-paced multiplayer squad shooter with visuals to match Starhawk, where you can pilot tanks, planes and other craft; with custom classes such as support, engineer and assault. It may not be quite as polished as Sony's sci-fi shooter, but for free, the scale of its community and potential is staggering. One to watch.