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Minecraft breaks XBLA sales records, recoups dev costs in an hour

Fez creator claims Mojang got preferential treatment from Microsoft

The Xbox 360 version of Minecraft has broken day-one XBLA sales records, overtaking RedLynx's fiendishly addictive Trials Evolution.


Minecraft creator Markus 'Notch' Persson tweeted that performance numbers were "very, very good" and said the title became "profitable in an hour".

There was a bit of sour grapes from Fez developer Polytron, which suggested Notch and his game received preferential treatment from Microsoft in the form of stat updates a willingness to allow free game updates.

"How did you get those stats from MS?" the studio asked on Twitter (via Eurogamer). "We still don't know exactly how much Fez sold almost a month later. You get stats in 24 hours?"

"What? Really? I thought it was standard procedure! That sucks. :(," replied Notch.

The Fez developer then said: "Standard procure [sic] is: you find out how much you sold when you get your first check 3-4 months later," before saying free updates for games "is something every other developer on the platform is told is simply not an option."

Notch responded by saying Mojang "had to fight for that" and "got a limited number of them".

Drama aside, both games are excellent and definitely worth spending some of your Microsoft space bucks on. Have a read of our Minecraft Xbox 360 review and our Fez review if you need further convincing.

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