The Elder Scrolls Online: What we want to see

This is our list, but what do YOU want to see?

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Want to keep the players coming back for more and make them feel like they matter to the Elder Scrolls MMO world? We think weekly events would be just the thing to do both.

Here's our pitch: create weekly or biweekly events complete with unique quests and a mini-boss for players to battle. Not only would it be an opportunity to keep the story moving but it would also be a way to make players feel significant as an individual character and as part of a race or faction.

The regular injection of new content will also give those who reach the level cap quickly a reason to continue playing instead of vanishing until the next expansion pack is released. In essence we want ZeniMax to provide a constant stream of water cooler moments to talk about, to maintain a buzz around the game by flooding it with exciting content around the clock.

Sounds doable to us, what do you think?

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