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CVG: Comments of the week

"When talking about artistic games Super Mario Galaxy is highly relevant"

Should people care about how much a game sells? Do PS3 gamers appreciate art more than others? Was BioShock: Infinite Delayed into next year so Irrational Games' could include multiplayer? These are just some of the questions you guys have been discussing over the last weeks.

As always we've collected up a mixture of smart and funny thoughts posited by you. Here they are:

Battlefield 3 has 6.3 million active users

I wish people would stop caring about how many sales a game has had. It doesn't matter as long as you have fun on a game, that is all that matters.

While we agree with the spirit of your comment illage2, unfortunately that isn't just what matters, games don't live and die based on how much fun they are, it's the cold hard numbers that matter.

Do PS3 gamers appreciate art more than others?

I think you'll find when talking about artistic games Super Mario Galaxy is highly relevant.

We agree with Chris_Shanahan87, SMG cannot be ignored

Art is subjective.

But some great stuff came from the likes of Donatello, Raphael, Michelangelo and Leonardo. Who were some of the greatest minds of their respective times, I'm sure you'd agree. They were skilled in numerous professions such as painting, sculpting, architecture, poetry and music.

Then there was the karate, love of pizza, stopping Shredder and his evil plans and fighting over April.....hang on, I've got them mixed up again haven't I.

The point still stands though, the Turtles were bloody great.

Turtle power.

We don't say this enough: we love you El Mag

BioShock Infinite delayed to 2013

In Ken we trust!

If they needed more time, they need more time.

What are we going to do, start a petition to increase the amount of hours in a working day from 24 to 36 so they can finish it for the first deadline?

Wait, tinterweb come back. I was joking!

Hey StonecoldMC will you sign this petiti- oh, er, nothing.

Sony on the hunt for LittleBigPlanet Vita beta testers

Might just be me but "Be among the first to handle mini sack boys" sounds really wrong.

You had to go there didn't you sulli456

BioShock: Infinite delay might be to include multiplayer

I love how everyone starts whining and claiming the multiplayer will be 'tacked on' when they have no detail and nothing to base that opinion off of, what happened to 'In Ken we trust' ? Even if the multiplayer is rubbish, that doesn't mean it'll detract from the single player one bit

Gash Gardner is right; despite the so-so BioShock 2 multiplayer we're excited. We have faith in Ken.