10 franchises overdue a sequel

These beauties deserve to be revisited...

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Mirror's Edge


Truly original games are rare enough, but when they happen to be published by corporate mega-giant Electronic Arts, one feels obliged to scan the horizon in search of a squadron of flying pigs. But Mirror's Edge, developed by DICE and published in 2008, remains a one-off that feels like no other game. Blessed with a bright, distinctive art-style, a dystopian, futuristic storyline and unusual free-running-style gameplay - not to mention a hot protagonist - Mirror's Edge was undoubtedly flawed: the gameplay often involved trial and error, and it was unsatisfyingly short. But all the more reason for EA to resurrect it, keeping the good bits and ironing out the mediocre elements. That doesn't feel likely, though: DICE, it seems, is now focused solely on Battlefield, while EA has previous as a serial abandoner of great franchises.

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