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10 franchises overdue a sequel

These beauties deserve to be revisited...

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Despite seeing the light of day as early as 1987, Atari's RoadBlasters remains the best driving-and-shooting game ever made. Sorry, but we'll brook no argument on that. Given that in order to finish it, all you had to do was negotiate its 50 stages without running out of fuel, you'd think it would be more relevant today than ever. However, it wasn't exactly a case of pottering about in a Toyota Prius. Rather, you were at the helm of a red sportscar powered by a nuclear reactor, and fitted with a gun.

Twice on each stage, a plane would fly overhead, and you would have to manoeuvre your car - avoiding mines, other traffic and countless obstacles - to catch whatever it dropped on your roof. At which point, you might be able to available yourself of an unlimited-ammo machine-gun or a nuclear bomb which destroyed everything on screen (leaving politically incorrect nuclear shadows that you could safely drive through). Factor in a ridiculous nitrous boost that would leave you attempting to negotiate hairpin bends at over 200mph, and the result was a delicious adrenaline overdose.

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