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10 franchises overdue a sequel

These beauties deserve to be revisited...

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Heavenly Sword


This 2007 launch title for the PlayStation 3 put Cambridge's Ninja Theory on the map as a top developer - and given that the company is making the next Devil May Cry, you could say that it's currently reaping the rewards for that. A sort of action-adventure-hack-n-slash, it put you at the controls of Nariko who, frankly, made Lara Croft look as attractive as Susan Boyle.

Gameplay-wise, it was great, with a cleverly thought-out swordfighting engine, some glorious special moves and ranged interludes. All of which was married to a great story and some truly memorable characterisations. You could argue that it did acquire a spiritual successor in the form of 2010's thoroughly underrated Enslaved, but the latter was very different. And we're still slightly in love with Nariko.

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