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GameStop ditching PSP at a quarter of its stores - report

25 percent of the retailer's stores to stop selling PSP stuff

Is this the first sign of PSP's slow death? Major US retailer will reportedly start letting of the machine in a quarter of all its US stores.


According to Kotaku, the smallest 25 percent of GameStops stores will cease stocking PSP games as it seeks to streamline its inventory in its smaller shops.

PSP will continue to be sold at larger stores and on its website, so it's not over yet. No panic-buying required, but this could be the first sign of the console subsiding to its newer, shinier, oddly-named brother, Vita.

Sony sold 1.8 million Vita units worldwide between the handheld's December 17 launch in Japan and the end of the company's financial year on March 31, 2012.

[ SOURCE: Kotaku ]