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Max Payne 3: Complete video guide to every Clue location, all story secrets

Plus get slow motion Bullet Cams for every kill

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Chapter 13 - A Fat Bald Dude with a Bad Temper

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Tourist - when moving through the cells, follow the corridor around to the left and talk to the imprisoned tourist


Prison Log - after leaving the cells, walk past the switch for the security doors and check the laptop


Promissory Note - after passing through the gym, go into the administration office on the right and look on the desk straight ahead


E-File on Da Silva - after going up the lift and taking care of the cops in the next room, go straight ahead to the office on the far side and check the laptop on the desk to the left


Political Folder - in the same area, go into the second office on the right hand side and look on the closest desk


Slide Show - when you arrive in the briefing room, head to the stage and use the laptop on the lectern to go through all the slides


Flak Vest - in the Arsenal, pick up the flak vest from the rack before opening the security doors

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