Max Payne 3: Complete video guide to collecting every Golden Gun part

Plus get unlimited ammo for all of your weapons

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In the world of weaponry there are guns - and then there are Golden Guns. A number of parts are located throughout each chapter, and finding all three for a weapon will upgrade you to a bling boomstick for the rest of the story - which you can also carry over into multiplayer. However, some are well hidden and, often, you only have a limited time to search an area before running out of health.

By using our guide you can quickly and easily locate all 84 Golden Gun parts, unlocking 28 shiny shooters to intimidate multiplayer foes with as well as awarding an Achievement/Trophy. Finding every Golden Gun part in an individual chapter also unlocks the unlimited ammo option in the chapter select menu, making concerns about bullet conservation a thing of the past.


Spoiler warning - the videos, screens and descriptions on the following pages may reveal some elements of the plot.

In this guide the Golden Gun parts are listed in the order they appear in each chapter.

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