Sony boss: Blocking used games 'would be anti-consumer'

But Sony Japan might feel otherwise, says Tretton

Jack Tretton, CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America, has said he doesn't like the idea of implementing technology designed to block used games.

The comments were passed on by Bonus Round regular and industry analyst Michael Pachter, who reported Tretton's personal stance is "opposed to blocking used games".


The debate around the blocking of used games was most recently reignited by Crytek's director of creative development Rasmus Hojengaard, who said the introduction of an anti-used games measure for next-gen consoles would be "absolutely awesome" from a business perspective, although he later said the comment "was not intended to be taken seriously".

Interim DICE CEO and Battlefield 3 executive producer Patrick Bach also offered his opinions on the subject, last month, saying that the measure could be both 'a win and a loss'.

Tretton's view is that used games are "great for consumers" and to block them would be an "anti-consumer" move. However, it was noted that these are just his personal opinions, and it may well be that Sony Japan, which usually has the last word, feels the opposite.

PS4 rumours from earlier this year indicated that Sony's next-generation hardware, supposedly codenamed 'Orbis', will feature anti-used games measures.