'For PS4 to flourish it has to embrace modding'

Should Sony's next console support game modding?

On last week's mailbox Jack Pace e-mailed in to say he's not very charmed by the recent spate of identikit video game characters.

This week we've got Simon James, who thinks Sony should make its next-generation PlayStation more like a PC by allowing players to mod games.

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It's... beautiful

For the PS4 to flourish it has to embrace what PC gamers have being doing for decades - Modding. A perfect example of a recent game taking advantage of this is Skyrim. There are countless videos online of mods the gaming community has produced, such as the 'Macho Man' Randy Savage dragon (OOOH YEAH!!!), player houses like the stunning Deus Mons castle and The Asteria Dwemer Skyship, countless Star Wars homages and, of course, exploding chickens and cheeses! I have no doubt that the new Xbox will feature access to more of this content through Steam, and Sony can't afford to be left behind.

PSM3 says: Skyrim on PC makes modding relatively easy - you just choose fan-made edits from a list - but they still need to be applied as 'layers' in the right order. If a next gen console could simplify the interface, it could be a game changer. Even Unreal Tournament 3 on PS3 allowed PC mods to appear as DLC. Are you listening, Sony?

CVG says: We can't argue with the idea, so we won't. Of course it does mean Sony and all the third-party publishers releasing games on the system will have to relinquish a great deal of control, which could be a problem.