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Dirt Showdown trailer offers a tour events

Cars, fireworks, crashes and an over-enthusiastic VO man

Codemasters has hired a TV-voice man to do his cheesiest TV commercial voice on this new trailer for Dirt Showdown, serving up a look at the game's numerous racing events.


The publisher has described Showdown as "an arcade-style spin-off" that takes the extreme-sports elements of DiRT 2, mixes in the Gymkhana events from DiRT 3, and then lobs in Destruction Derby action for good measure.

In DiRT Showdown's career mode players will tear through Miami, San Francisco, London, Tokyo and a number other famous locations in 50-plus events across four championships. Races will be set in sun, snow and rain, both during the day and under the floodlights at night.

If you fancy a go yourself, there's a Xbox 360, PS3 and Steam PC demo currently available that features a solo race and a multiplayer demolition derby event.

The game's out on May 25.

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