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Dragon's Dogma review says Capcom RPG has "remarkable imagination"

PSM3 goes with 8.5 in its review

The latest issue of PSM3 has delivered the first review for Dragon's Dogma, Capcom's part Dark Souls, part Skyrim and part Shadow of the Colossus fantasy RPG.


The mag has given the game a score of 8.5 and says it's "big, challenging and imaginative, but its hardcore nature won't appeal to everyone."

The review praises Dragon's Dogma for bringing back a sense of danger, something which many modern games lack.

"Dying has become a minor setback rather than something to be feared. That's why Dragon's Dogma is so inspiring. Its enormous world is rife with danger, and death lurks around every corner. It's an adventure in the truest sense of the word, rich with mystery and peril."

However, as PSM3 points out, the game has its fair share of issues: "The brown, uninspiring environments betray a game of remarkable imagination", the quests are "all variations on a limited pool of mission types" and there's "a distinct lack of direction", but with some time and patience players will find a lot to enjoy.

Combat has "a satisfying weight and physicality to it" and the Pawn system is "an incredibly clever use of internet connectivity, and feels like an evolution of the similarly imaginative message-leaving system from Dark Souls".

The review ends by calling Dragon's Dogma "one of PS3's best RPGs."

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PSM3 is out now and features an exclusive Star Trek preview. Buy it online here.