Futuristic Black Ops 2 'sparks fresh creativity' at Treyarch

2025 setting promises to offer "new sorts of gameplay and experiences"

Treyarch has told the latest issue of GamesMaster that the studio considered making a futuristic Call of Duty game for some time before the year 2025 was settled on for Black Ops 2.


Studio head Mark Lamia said moving the franchise to a Cold War setting for the original Black Ops sparked plenty of creativity within the studio and it was something he wanted to see repeated with the sequel.

"It was actually something that we've talked about doing for a while," he said in a 14-page Black Ops 2 blowout in the magazine's July issue. "We settled on it about the time of Black Ops' [development] ending.

"We'd just made this Black Ops fiction. And as you know, it isn't called Cold Warfare, it's called Black Ops, which doesn't denote any particular time period. That was intentional on our part when we were creating it, because Black Ops exist in the past, they exist in modern day, and presumably they exist in the future.

"So from the beginning, we wanted to take this game to the future. What that future was and how it was defined took a little bit of time [to settle on].

"We wanted to do new sorts of gameplay and we wanted to have new experiences. We saw what happened when we went from World War II to a completely different era inside the studio: there was all this new creativity. And so we wanted some of that again."

It was recently suggested that Black Ops 2's futuristic setting could land Activision in legal trouble for violating a deal agreed with Call of Duty and Modern Warfare creator Infinity Ward, but the publisher doesn't appear to be sweating it.

CVG's Black Ops 2 preview went live earlier this month alongside the game's debut trailer, which we analysed in-depth here.

Activision is to air a new Black Ops 2 trailer during this Saturday's Champions League final between Chelsea and Bayern Munich.

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