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Diablo 3: Blizzard performs emergency maintenance to fix servers

"We will be continuing to monitor the servers for any additional issues"

Blizzard was forced to perform emergency maintenance on its servers last night, as the Diablo 3 launch woes continued for disgruntled PC gamers.


On Monday night the long, long-awaited sequel finally launched, before crumbling under the pressure of players attempting to activate their copies online.

Subsequent error messages prevented many from logging on to play, and the troubles continued last night as Blizzard again sprung in to action to take its servers offline and fix the problems.

The latest update in the early hours of this morning claims the dungeon crawler is now available to play, error-free, though Blizzard says it's keeping an eye out for more potential blackouts.

"We will be continuing to monitor the servers for any additional issues. If you are experiencing errors," it told fans on the Diablo Facebook page, "please visit the Technical Support Forum or the Bug Report Forum for additional information."

Yesterday the World of Warcraft developer told told fans who still can't log on to the game to "wait and try again".

The launch troubles again highlight the controversial issue of online activation.

All copies of Diablo 3 have to be activated online before they can be played, meaning there's no review on the site as yet (we started playing it when you did) and thousands of players have had their access to the game interrupted.

Ahead of last night's green light (or should that be amber?) we sat down with Blizzard's Leonard Boyarski (senior world designer) and Julian Love (lead technical artist) to talk dungeons. Read all in our Diablo 3 interview.

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