E3 2012's Most Anticipated: Halo 4

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Game: Halo 4

Likelihood of E3 2012 showing: Certain


Halo is under new management. Out go Bungie, hanging up their olive-green helmets after a decade at the helm; in comes an all-star collective with experience on Reach, Anniversary and even the Halo Legends animated flicks. Step forward 343 Industries.

It's one of the boldest moves in the series' platform-spanning history, but reassuringly the first in a proposed 'Reclaimer' trilogy, the eighth Halo overall, is looking very, well, Halo. We know all know the promo process: release a few campaign snippets then drip-feed multiplayer footage right up until release.

We all know what it's about: Spartans with armour abilities, punchy UNSC military weaponary alongside the Covenant's plasma arsenal, and an it's-getting-a-bit-old-now flappy arms animation when people get sent flying. It's enough to trigger Déjà vu.

Then again, Halo doesn't need a revamp. It's funny. Where once it was one clichéd sci-fi shooter among many, now, in a market crowded with contemporary shooters and 'adult' narratives, it's a breath of fresh air. And it picks up right where it left off in Halo 3, with Master Chief drifting through space on the wreckage of UNSC space frigate Forward Unto Dawn. "Wake me when you need me", he tells Cortana before dozing off into a cryonic sleep. After an undisclosed time spent floating - could be hours, could be years - they happen upon a massive Forerunner planet...and that's your lot.

More, however, is known about multiplayer. Much more. The biggest shake-up? Armour abilities. Armour lock, that infuriating little gadget granting cheap Reach players instantaneous invulnerability on a generous timer, is out. Jetpacks return along with jump-boosting thrusters.

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