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Square Enix: Final Fantasy 7 remake 'isn't top priority'

Japanese dev (still) focused on making new games

Tetsuya Nomura, long-time character designer and director of various Final Fantasy titles, has said Square Enix is more interested in creating new games than delivering a must-requested Final Fantasy 7 remake.


Speaking in a Final Fantasy 7 anniversary feature in the latest issue of Famitsu (via Andriasang) Nomura acknowledged the demand for a remake of the fan-favourite, but said the Japanese developer and publisher is instead striving to create experiences that live up to the much-loved PS One classic.

He went on to provide a bit of very cool Final Fantasy 7 trivia by revealing Yuffie Kisaragi, the secret female ninja thief character, was originally a planned to be a wanted felon in the story.

Wanted posters with different faces for the character were to be placed around Midgar and the Yuffie that eventually joined the player's party would be dictated by the last poster seen.

Earlier this month Square Enix announced it has become profitable again thanks to Final Fantasy 13 and Deus Ex, and that packaged software and digital entertainment business are performing well for the publisher.