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FIFA 13 interview: 'I want everyone to play FIFA - not Call of Duty - all day long'

David Rutter on turning footy fans into FIFA players...

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You do get those attacking flows in football matches that we never really had in previous FIFAs. So not only are you getting support from players on the pitch but also it looks very realistic too and it kind of comes to life in the sense that you have variety in your attacks that you didn't before.

The big difference when you're in control of the ball with the Complete Dribbling system is amazing; the ability to take that ball, run at a defender, move in any direction with the ball and then be able to explode in the direction you want is something we've been trying to get to in the last few years but never really got there.

To take 360 dribbling, precision dribbling, put the two together and expand them out... we called it Complete Dribbling because we kind of think we're finished with dribbling now. I think. The fact that that's done is a watershed moment in FIFA.

Is it a revolution? Probably not in the sense that it's so easily encapsulated as last year, but when you add it all together I think it's easily its equal, if not more so. I think it's its own revolution of sorts - it's not an evolution at all. We've completely ripped tonnes of the game out again. We're nuts.

CVG: You usually drip-feed new features in the run up to release. Are there more FIFA 13 secrets to come?


DR: Yeah. We're only talking about gameplay today. I was just talking to some other guys about it and they were like, 'FIFA 12 is the best football game ever made, but it could get a bit boring'. What we want to do this year is boost that level of unpredictability and excitement based around those game mechanics. I've not even mentioned Tactical Free Kicks.

We have spoken about game modes yet, we haven't spoken about online, we haven't spoken about what we've got planned for EA Sports Football Club or any of the other things - that will be coming later this year. We've got lots of news around all of those.

CVG: FIFA 12 broke series records. Why do you think it was so successful?

DR: I give credit to the guys on the team more than anything. We took a long time to get to the point where we were comfortable and confident in what we had made. [EA Sports boss] Andrew Wilson said we're our own worst critics - that we're constantly at each other about what we're doing, and it's true.

I think we got to the point where we knew we had a great game, but what we didn't have was all of the different parts of the game working together. I think last year we had this harmony of game elements, the fact that the Impact Engine would effect the collisions, which could create injuries, which made their way into the commentary, which was carried into the game modes and career...

Plus we had really, really good core gameplay - lots of new, cool, exciting features that all worked together neatly. Knowing what we know now about that harmony is really important. You can get to a really good game on gameplay alone, but I don't think you can always maintain it if everything else isn't working together very well.

CVG: There's now some real distance between FIFA and PES in the sales arena. How do you make sure that doesn't lead to complacency from your team?

DR: I don't think there's anyone on our team that's complacent. We are hugely critical of ourselves to the extent where we get in trouble for it when we're doing presentations. I know Andrew [Wilson] and before him Peter Moore would always say, 'don't be so hard on yourselves, you've got to tell some good news too.'

So today I did the good news; 'fantastic reviews, amazing sales, everyone loves our game' and then Aaron steps up and goes, 'this is rubbish, this is rubbish...' It's just the way we are. We don't have a great deal of time in the year to make the game and we don't have a great deal of time in the year either to celebrate what we just did.

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