FIFA 13 interview: 'I want everyone to play FIFA - not Call of Duty - all day long'

David Rutter on turning footy fans into FIFA players...

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I think actually being in Canada is a bit of an advantage as well because we're away from all the, 'woohoo! Look how amazing we are!' We don't see the shops with tonnes of FIFA copies in them, or see the launch or hear about it on the news. We're far enough away that we're this little isolated pod of negative nerds all working on FIFA.

There are other things out there. We're still worried about what Konami is going to do with Pro Evolution Soccer and naturally they're our closest sports competitor. But then there are other games out there too that are phenomenally successful like Call of Duty and all the other big games that people want to play.

I want everyone to play FIFA all day long because we're proud of what we've achieved and we think it's a wicked game. How dare they go and play Call of Duty! I want everyone playing our game all the time.

CVG: You've cleared 10 million with FIFA 12, but hundreds of millions more would've watched the Premier League last season. How do you turn those football fans into FIFA players?

DR: We talk about this all the time - can there be people who own a console, like football, but haven't got FIFA. Undoubtedly there are and we're like, 'well... why aren't they playing it?'


I think there are still people that look back on the history of the FIFA video game and don't realise that we've been through this massive transformation from this gimmick, marketing-lead video game to a true, gameplay-oriented video game where there's this brilliant experience to be had.

Or maybe it's just that they love football and they'd rather spend their free time when they're not watching football matches doing something else and shooting people - I don't really know.

The fact of the matter is we just want people to be happy when they buy our game and play it all year long, and we're very, very lucky that we're probably one of a handful of games where when people buy it, they literally play it until the next one comes along. The fact that we're doing that every year is pretty remarkable.

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